2017-18  WORKSHOPS

GIVING LIFE:  a study of proportion, anatomy and expression in the torso

November 4 - 17, 2018

with Cristina Córdova

Join internationally acclaimed figurative sculptor, Cristina Córdova, in two immersive weeks of "giving life" to a clay body. Focusing on developing a medium to large scale torso in clay (27-47"h) using slabs and simple patterns that can be used to articulate gestures at different scales, students will benefit from Cristina's exhaustive knowledge and experience in sculpting the human form, as well as her personalized support and critique. Through daily demonstrations and discussions we will focus on proportion and anatomy (head, arms, hands and torso), sourcing anatomical references and strategies for refining and fine tuning figurative compositions for visual strength and clarity. Through the use of colored slips, underglazes and ceramic transfers we will shift into finishing and detailing the surface to optimize expression. The class will focus on a primary sculpture project supported by smaller compositions which will serve as surface and form tests and will be fired throughout the course. 

Open to all levels of experience

The course will take place at Gaya Ceramic Arts Center: where clay and culture come together...

With a team of masterful ceramicists, designers, and production artists in a setting of unsurpassed tropical beauty, and exquisite cultural craftsmanship: Gaya CAC is a place to expand horizons, to share inspiration and techniques, to experiment, to grow and to dream.

Directed by American wood-firing ceramic artist, Hillary Kane, Gaya Ceramic Arts Center (Gaya CAC) offers a stimulating program of international workshops, continuous weekly wheel throwing classes, and a fabulous ceramic resident artist program.

Some might ask... why come half way around the world to learn throwing skills, or to fire a kiln?  In our view, setting is everything!  Our annual calendar of world class ceramic workshops reflects this: approaching clay not only from the standpoint of a skill-building experience, but also as a creative exploration, tapping stimuli from landscape, architecture, cuisine and culture that cannot be found anywhere else but here in Bali.

Gaya CAC coordinates every detail so that participants can focus on the experience at hand—and that experience is indelible: Bali offers fecundity at every juncture---the creative interpretations are endless.


THE HEAD IN CLAY: Everything You Need To Make Great Faces

Cristina Córdova


You can do this from wherever you are!

Because of the slow, gradual unfolding of a clay sculpture it is often hard to relay the full arc of a piece from beginning to end in the traditional workshop context. This course will offer an intimate vantage point to study and understand all of the steps, tools and materials that come into play to create a clay head. With the methods showcased in this course and the open floor chat sessions between demonstrations to answer questions you will be fully empowered to create clay heads of different scales in your own studio. This course includes supplemental printed material that follows the course structure and several opt-ins to customize your experience. 


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